New Interface, New Experience

In 2016, we present you a new interface along with more user-friendly functions to bring you more enjoyable using experience.

Smart Management

My Favorites allows you to add channels from different devices to one folder as a new device. It becomes easier to access all channels you want to see in one video view.



All video snapshots and footages made on EagleEyes will be saved collectively to Media for quick access.

Live Record

During live view, you can manually click on the live record icon to record what is going on, and the footage will be saved to Media.

Nimble Connection, Agile Display

The connection process is one important part for surveillance system users in that it can be either annoying or pleasurable, and we choose the latter. This version employs better techniques and greatly shortens your awaiting time. There are improvements to users operation efficiency, bringing you with more enjoyable using experiences.

New Prospect of Surveillance

AVTECH, founded in 1996, is one of the world’s leading CCTV manufacturers with more than 20 years of experiences in product innovation, developement and global distribution. In 2018, we're releasing a series of compact but smart surveillance devices to re-define and transform the cold image of video surveillance.

Of course, we're still capable of offering a complete suveillance system to satisfy every demand from single watch to multiple-spot monitoring, from home safety to enterprise access guarding, always stay focused on the move.


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